St. Paul's High School

This School aims at creating individuals who are intelectually competent, morally sound, psychologically whole, committed to the cause of justice, love and who are open to further growth which would be help in creating a human society free from prejudice, superstitions and discrimination based on sex, religion about other especially the under privileged.

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Co-curricular & Extra-curricular Activities

Our school gives a lot of importance to co-curricular activities as it helps in an overall development of a child. They also help in promoting School Community Relations. Inter House Competitions such as debates, quiz, drawing, recitation, singing, dramatics, declamation etc. are encouraged throughout the academic session.

The school also gives an opportunity to all students' to participate in events like Annual Sports Day, Annual Concert, Excursions, Inter-School Competitions, Educational Tours, Book Presentations, Out Door Camping etc.

Sports Activities

The school has a vast play ground and offers students games like Football, Cricket, Hockey, Volleyball, Throwball, Basketball, Athletics, Tennis, Badminton, Skating, Carrom, Karate, etc. Each student is expected to choose 2 major and 1 minor game in one academic session major games being Football, Cricket, Hockey, Volleyball, Throwball, Basketball, Tennis, and Badminton and minor games being Carrom, Chess, Karate, skating etc.

Parent Teacher Meetings

Students are most likely to develop in accordance with promise if they have the good fortune to have parents who offer them appropriate stimulation and encouragement. To make it more effective we have Parents and Teachers contact days, when they discuses and suggest ways of exploring the skills and attitudes of the students.

Every second Saturday of the month is allotted as Parents Teachers Contact Day.