St. Paul's High School

This School aims at creating individuals who are intelectually competent, morally sound, psychologically whole, committed to the cause of justice, love and who are open to further growth which would be help in creating a human society free from prejudice, superstitions and discrimination based on sex, religion about other especially the under privileged.

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School Building

The school has a modern infrastructure which is equipped with Smart Boards, science and computer laboratories, well stocked library and large playground. The classrooms are spacious and well ventilated.

Smart Classes

In this age computers play a big role in our education. The introduction of Smart Classes has revolutionized teaching methods. We all know that if a topic is understood by a visual method, it becomes more beneficial to understand by students. So our school is equipped with smart boards and all our teachers are well trained to use them to enhance their teaching skills.

School Library

"Books are an embodiment of Knowledge and a window to Creativity"

The school Library provides information, inculcates ideas, and develops knowledge which is so essential in today’s information and knowledge based advanced world . A school library helps to equip students with life long learning skills and develop in them creative and imaginative quotient.

As the children need an environment to explore their minds and imaginations, we have considered it to be one of our duties to provide this environment to them. The School Library is equipped with a number of books for recreational purposes as well as educational references.


The school is well equipped with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer laboratories.

The Science laboratories give opportunities to the students of Class IX and X, who have opted for the science stream according to the ICSE requirements. The laboratories allow the students to perform all kinds of practicals according to their syllabii. The labs are also used by other classes to observe practicals performed by their subject teachers.


The School is well equipped with a large field and sporting equipments for a number of sporting activities.

Inter-School sporting activities are also conducted on school grounds.